Citrus orders for 2017

Our second delivery of potted citrus for the season has just arrived from Victoria.

This season our standard 25cm potted citrus are $49.95 each. Buy any 3 and save 10%.

If possible, come in and grab your stock early or contact us to place an order now and we can have it ready for you to collect.

When do fresh citrus deliveries arrive?

Each year we get three deliveries from our supplier, the first being in early May, and the last in September. The September delivery has to last to May next year but rarely makes it past Christmas before we are sold out.

Due to high demand Australia-wide for our supplier’s stock, some varieties will likely be sold out before September/October. So, it’s a great idea to get in early to avoid disappointment.

Note: citrus is evergreen and isn’t available bare root.